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Board and Management Profiles

Gregory Rotelli

President and Chief Executive Officer
Gregory Rotelli has acted as our president, chief executive officer, chief financial officer, secretary, treasurer and director since May 10, 2011. Mr. Rotelli has over 25 years’ experience in senior management for both public and early-stage private companies. Since 2006, Mr. Rotelli has been a principal of Pacific Coast Capital Group, LLC. He was the former chief operating officer for Direct Stock Market, an online investment bank for emerging growth venture capital financing. From 1995 to 1997, Mr. Rotelli was influential in helping Indie Music Online, where he supported local and individual artist in establishing their online presence and giving them an avenue to let consumers listen and buy un-discovered and un-represented music on-line. Furthermore, Mr. Rotelli was senior vice president of marketing for System Integrators leading the New Media Division for newspapers to have an Internet presence from decades of legacy software and out dated platforms, which included, but not limited to the Financial Times London, Reuters World Wide Wire Service, Oftenposten in Norway, Le Monde in Paris, Los Angeles Times and a majority of the largest publishers in the world. Mr. Rotelli was also senior vice president of US Search, the largest people and background search company on the Internet. His broad range of talent spans operational management, Internet development, new media strategy and capital acquisition. Mr. Rotelli has advised and negotiated in structured financings and early stage investment capital raising as well as numerous mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Rotelli has held lead positions in technology start-ups as well as with established technology and public companies. Mr. Rotelli currently serves on the boards of directors and strategic advisory boards of several technology, Internet, oil and gas, financial services and healthcare medical device companies.

Eric Allison

Mr. Allison was appointed a director of our company on February 10, 2016. Mr. Allison has over 35 years of experience in the natural resource industry working in various technical, business development and management roles. He currently provides consulting services to a variety of companies, funds, project developers and individuals on a global basis. He formerly served, from 2012-2015, as CEO and COO of Brazahav Resources, a private entity developing a brownfield gold mine project in Mato Grosso, Brazil. Prior to this, he was the Director of Research and Chief Geologist at Casimir Capital LP specializing in junior mining companies. Previously, he was a Director at Sempra Commodities from 1999-2009 where his responsibilities included Metals & Concentrates and Energy. Over his career, he has also served in various roles for Cyprus Amax Minerals, Amax Energy, SPG Exploration and Texaco. Mr. Allison received a BS in Geology from Brown University (1978) and a MS in Marine Geology from the University of Georgia (1980).